Oil Coolers

Many machines used in the industry need cooling during their work. The cooling process is usually caused by the collision of the water from the cooling tower or the chiller in the heat exchanger by the machine. KUROSE oil coolers can be used  Kurose model MFYS-1248-T; A 1288; B 1012 in all types of applications. Oil coolers can be manufactured as standard in certain dimensions and can be manufactured in special manufacturing processes.

MFYS-1218-T526250SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″701909,28
MFYS-1224-T678402SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019012,57
MFYS-1230-T831555SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019015,86
MFYS-1236-T983707SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019019,05
MFYS-1242-T1136860SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019022,36
MFYS-1248-T12881012SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019025,53
MFYS-1254-T14401164SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019028,82
MFYS-1260-T15931317SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019032,01
MFYS-1266-T17451469SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019035,30
MFYS-1272-T18971621SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019038,49
MFYS-1278-T20501774SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019041,78
MFYS-1284-T22021966SAE 2 1/2″G 2″87+80G 2″G 1″7019045,05
MFYS-1724706368SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821014,77
MFYS-1730859521SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821018,85
MFYS-17361011673SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821022,65
MFYS-17421164826SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821026,70
MFYS-17481316978SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821030,52
MFYS-175414681130SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821034,55
MFYS-176016211283SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821038,40
MFYS-176617731435SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821042,25
MFYS-177219251587SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821046,28
MFYS-177820781740SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821050,12
MFYS-178422301932SAE 3″G 3″100G 2 1/2″G 2″10821054,15

Stainless Steel and Titanium Pool Heat  Exchangers

KUROSE tubular pool heat exchangers can be used in a wide range of systems such as solar pool heating systems or pool heating systems.

KUROSE pool heat exchangers ensure long life for all system components. Chlorine and its salt play an important role for the continuity of the systems by preventing the contact with the solar system or boiler directly.

KUROSE pool heat exchangers have been designed by Ekin engineers in an innovative way and their spiral and twisted design has increased the heat transfer efficiency to a high level. This also increases the thermal efficiency in the system.

KUROSE pool heat exchangers are designed to offer you the best solution with a wide range of capacities. These exchangers are perfect for pool, spa and similar applications.




  • High heat transfer efficiency.
  • Soft and smooth tubes provide fast flow.
  • Compact and advanced design.
  • Wide range of usages.
  • Different and large capacity sizes.

KUROSE pool heat exchangers are constructed from fully pressurized outer shell and threaded tubular inner tubes. Thus, the high flow rate within the heat exchanger is achieved, the heat exchanger is intended to be more durable, more efficient and cost effective.

The pool heat exchangers of Ekin have a large capacity to operate from a small spa to olympic pools. MIT pool heat exchangers from 15 kW up

to 1750 kW provide the most appropriate and economical solution.