Oil Coolers

Many machines used in the industry need cooling during their work. The cooling process is usually caused by the collision of the water from the cooling tower or the chiller in the heat exchanger by the machine. KUROSE oil coolers can be used in all types of applications. Oil coolers can be manufactured as standard in certain dimensions and can be manufactured in special manufacturing processes.Capture

KUROSE.BYS.14.5018100 590500340340252G 1/2″140G 1″G 1″29
KUROSE.BYS.14.7526400840750550500252G 1/2″140G 1″G 1″32,5
KUROSE.BYS.14.1003630010901000800650252G 1/2″140G 1″G 1″42
KUROSE.BYS.14.12544500134512501050800252G 1/2″140G 1″G 1″45
KUROSE.BYS.16.5021400592500340340280G 1/2″168G 1″G 1″32
KUROSE.BYS.16.7534600842750550500280G 1/2″168G 1″G 1″40
KUROSE.BYS.16.1004450010921000800650280G 1/2″168G 1″G 1″49
KUROSE.BYS.16.12556100134212501050800298G 1/2″168G 1″G 1″57
KUROSE.BYS.16.150676001592150013001000292G 1/2″168G 1″G 1″66
KUROSE.BYS.22.7552800850750550500349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″66
KUROSE.BYS.22.1007090011001000800650349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″77,5
KUROSE.BYS.22.12589100134412501050800349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″89
KUROSE.BYS.22.1501070001594150013001000349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″100
KUROSE.BYS.22.1751250001844175015501150349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″111
KUROSE.BYS.22.2001430002094200017801250349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″123
KUROSE.BYS.22.2501790002594250022801450349G 1/2″220G 2″G 2″146
KUROSE.BYS.25.7592400850750550500423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″89
KUROSE.BYS.25.10012300011001000800700423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″128
KUROSE.BYS.25.125165000135012501050800423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″145
KUROSE.BYS.25.1501860001600150013001000423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″162
KUROSE.BYS.25.1752170001850175015501150423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″180
KUROSE.BYS.25.2002470002100200017801250423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″197
KUROSE.BYS.25.2503100002600250022801450423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″230
KUROSE.BYS.25.3003710003100300027601700423G 1/2″273G 2″G 2″263


Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers With Finned Tube

The heat exchangers with flap heating surfaces, which are called laminated pipe heat exchangers, significantly increase the heat transfer between gases and liquids, saving space and are more efficient than flat pipes.

MIT laminated pipe heat exchanger is used in many different applications in industry. It allows heat transfer up to 1000 kW capacity.


  • Heat transfer surface between

0.43 m2 and 56 m2.

  • Corrosion resistant, aluminum lamellae that increase the heat transfer area.
  • Heat transfer up to 1000 kW.
  • 1500 liter / minute oil flow rate.
  • 02
  • Detachable cap and tube bundle make it possible to clean the heat exchanger.
ModelABFQm2Weight (kg)
KFYS-50518955G 3/4″Ø 9 x 160,433,15
KFYS-50826597G 3/4″Ø 9 x 160,733,60
KFYS-510316148G 3/4″Ø 9 x 160,943,45
KFYS-512367199G 3/4″Ø 9 x 161,134,05
KFYS-514418250G 3/4″Ø 9 x 161,434,50
KFYS-518519351G 3/4″Ø 9 x 161,745,10
KFYS-524672504G 3/4″Ø 9 x 162,356,00
KFYS-536976808G 3/4″Ø 9 x 163,577,80
KFYS-70828376G 11/2″Ø 11 x 191,387,30
KFYS-712385178G 11/2″Ø 11 x 192,188,40
KFYS-714436229G 11/2″Ø 11 x 192,538,80
KFYS-718537330G 11/2″Ø 11 x 193,2910,20
KFYS-724690483G 11/2″Ø 11 x 194,4411,60
KFYS-736976787G 11/2″Ø 11 x 196,7315,50
KFYS-1012397157G 11/2″Ø 11 x 254,3815,40
KFYS-1014448208G 11/2″Ø 11 x 255,1716,90
KFYS-1018549309G 11/2″Ø 11 x 256,7319,80
KFYS-1024702462G 11/2″Ø 11 x 259,0621,80
KFYS-10361006766G 11/2″Ø 11 x 2513,7430,50
KFYS-104813071067G 11/2″Ø 11 x 2518,4139,80